Helping you Balance your Books



Aquarius Accounts can take care of all your bookkeeping needs from the data entry of your purchases and sales invoices to paying your suppliers and paying your staff, collecting payments from your customers, doing your bank reconciliations, making statutory payments like superannuation and payroll taxes, as well as preparing and lodging your BAS and your IAS for PAYG. Aquarius Accounts can provide you with monthly, quarterly and year end reports, such as a Profit and Loss Report and Balance Sheet to assist you in analysing all facets of your business. We can either visit your premises on the frequency that suits you, or we can grab your bills and work from our office, and give the information back to you when completed. Depending on the size of your business will impact on the time that is required to complete your accounts. This can be determined in the initial consultation and in the early stages of the bookkeeping service being provided, and may vary as the needs of your business change.

As well as the general day to day bookkeeping functions, Aquarius Accounts can also provide you with all important Cash Flow Forecasting to allow you to forward plan expenditure and purchases. At the end of each month, we can provide you with your Management Reports, including your Profit and Loss Report (also referred to as an Income Statement) and your Balance Sheet. These reports give you a regular snap shot of how your business is progressing. You can also use these reports when applying for finance, rather than having to visit your Accountant to gather this information.

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