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Aquarius Accounts can take care of all your bookkeeping needs from the data entry of your purchases and sales invoices to paying your suppliers and paying your staff, collecting payments from your customers, doing your bank reconciliations, making statutory payments like superannuation and payroll taxes, as well as preparing and lodging your BAS and your IAS for PAYG. Aquarius Accounts can provide you with monthly, quarterly and year end reports, such as a Profit and Loss Report and Balance Sheet to assist you in analysing all facets of your business. We can either access your data via a secure, remote connection, visit your premises on the frequency that suits you, or we can grab your bills and work from our office, and give the information back to you when completed. Depending on the size of your business will impact on the time that is required to complete your accounts. This can be determined in the initial consultation and in the early stages of the bookkeeping service being provided, and may vary as the needs of your business change.

As well as the general day to day bookkeeping functions, Aquarius Accounts can also provide you with all important Cash Flow Forecasting to allow you to forward plan expenditure and purchases. At the end of each month, we can provide you with your Management Reports, including your Profit and Loss Report (also referred to as an Income Statement) and your Balance Sheet. These reports give you a regular snap shot of how your business is progressing. You can also use these reports when applying for finance, rather than having to visit your Accountant to gather this information.


Either onsite or remotely
  • Aquarius Accounts can come to your business premises from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast, or we can work from our office, or set up a secure, remote connection
Weekly, monthly, or quarterly
  • The size and needs of your business will determine the frequency that Aquarius Accounts need to complete your accounts.
Data Entry including Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  • Data entry of sales invoices, purchases (bills from your suppliers), time sheets for employees
  • Accounts Payable includes recording the payments to your suppliers, making the payments, and liaising with your suppliers if necessary
  • Accounts Receivable includes creating the sales invoice for your customers, recording the payments your customers make to you, and making sure your customers pay you on time.
Bank & Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Reconciling the data that is entered into your MYOB or Xero accounting software with the statements you receive from your bank and investigating any discrepancies.
Reconciliation of Ledger Accounts
  • This includes making sure that the accounts that are used in the background of your MYOB or Xero software to pay your employees, pay the superannuation, pay your tax obligations etc., are balanced and up to date and this removes the possibility of either over or under paying these liabilities.
Provide Management Reports including P & L and Balance Sheet
  • This provides you a snap shot of your business on a monthly basis. This gives you easy to read information on the current and past performance of your business. You can also use these reports to show to your financier if you want to borrow money for business expansion or capital purchases.
Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Cash Flow Forecasting is an important tool in providing you information on where your bank balance will be in the future. It allows you to plan for major expenses and budget for extraordinary fluctuations in your business.
Payroll Services
  • Aquarius Accounts can provide payroll services regardless of the frequency of your payroll. This is an ‘end to end’ service, which means that it incorporates everything that relates to payroll, including timesheets, the payment to employees, superannuation, PAYG, Single Touch Payroll, Payroll Tax, WorkCover Premiums and claims.
Statutory Reporting including Superannuation, Single Touch Payroll, Payroll Taxes, PAYG
  • We can provide payments of all these liabilities as well as provide forecasting reports to allow your business to budget for these expenses.
Business Activity Statements (BAS) Preparation and Lodgement
  • To ensure that you are meeting your GST obligations with the ATO, the service Aquarius Accounts provides is up to date with relevant tax legislation and includes the reconciliation of your GST accounts and the lodgement of the BAS with the ATO.
Instalment Activity Statement (IAS) Preparation and Lodgement
  • This is the form that is lodges to report your PAYG from your employees payroll to the ATO. If your payroll is large enough, you may need to lodge this monthly. Alternatively this information is reported on your quarterly BAS.


If your business does not need full function bookkeeping, you may prefer to just let Aquarius Accounts process your income and expenditure on a monthly or quarterly basis. You would be responsible for paying the bills when you get them and we will record them, provide profit and loss and management reports back to you, and also prepare and lodge your quarterly BAS.


Whether you pay your staff weekly, fortnightly or monthly, Aquarius Accounts can provide payroll processing for you. Everything from calculating the time sheets to paying Superannuation and PAYG and preparing the payments to your staff.

Aquarius Accounts can also prepare the payment summaries for your employees at the end of the financial year, and lodge the files with the ATO.


Aquarius Accounts can install and setup new MYOB software, customised to suit your business, and train you and your staff in how to use it effectively. We can also look at systems and procedures that you may already have in place within your accounts department and offer suggestions in how to improve and streamline these processes. We can also customise reports and forms to suit your requirements and personalise your invoices.

Of course, as your business changes, your MYOB needs may change as well and we can as help you by providing ongoing support for product upgrades and changes.

Xero Processing

Aquarius Accounts can process all of your debtors, creditors, payroll and reporting via Xero software.


Registered BAS Agent Number 03393005.

Laws introduced by the Australian Government mean that not all bookkeepers can lodge your BAS for you. In order to do so, your bookkeeper must have approval from the Tax Practitioner’s Board, and have met certain eligibility criteria, including education, previous experience and character assessments.

Aquarius Accounts is a registered BAS Agent, meaning we can take care of all of your Business Activity Statements and Instalment Activity Statements. We can prepare and lodge these forms with the ATO on your behalf.

We can liaise with the ATO on your behalf, via our direct access portal, ensuring you have prompt responses, without having to wait endlessly on hold if you call them yourself.


Aquarius Accounts can assist you in implementing and calculating budgets, to help you grow your business year on year. Once the budgets have been calculated, these can be entered into MYOB and we can provide you with reports on how you are tracking on a monthly basis, and this can help you to finetune your income and expenditure, if necessary.